Cross Bite Treatment

Cross Bite Treatment

Cross Bite Treatment

Cross Bite TreatmentIf your child’s smile is suffering because of a cross bite, you may be wondering what you can do to get this fixed. Cross bite treatment can be done easily with the help of an experienced Buffalo orthodontist.

Many times, a patient comes into the office and we immediately recognize that they have a cross bite. Cross bite treatment is not always one size fits all because cross bites come in several varieties. One example, a unilateral posterior cross bite, occurs when the upper jaw is too narrow to accommodate the lower jaw on center. In such cases, the patient will often attempt to find a comfortable place to bite by biting with their lower jaw off to one side. Patients whose upper jaw is narrower will actually show a bilateral cross bite. With that condition, the patient generally does not shift their jaw to one side or the other because they can get comfortable in their mid-line.

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Cross bites can exist between individual teeth and are often seen between a person’s front teeth. Sometimes, a cross bite indicates that the lower jaw fits poorly in size and shape relative to the upper jaw. Patients who have protruding lower jaws or large lower jaws – class threes as we describe them in orthodontics – may have an inter-cross bite where their upper front teeth are behind their lower ones. You can see that cross bites come in different shapes and varieties, and that they can vary from patient to patient. The treating cross bites for each of those types is completely different, but it is important to recognize the effects of that cross bite and seek effective treatment.

If you are looking for an orthodontist for your child who is experienced in treating cross bites, please call and set up a free screening at one of our five Buffalo locations.

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