Helping Sleep Apnea

Helping Sleep Apnea Experienced Buffalo Orthodontists

Helping Sleep Apnea

If you have sleep apnea, you may or may not know why you have it. This can be particularly frustrating considering the expenses of machines for sleep apnea and the severity of the toll it takes on your body. At OrthoWNY, helping sleep apnea is something that we look to do in our treatments to ease your condition.

Helping Sleep Apnea and Airway Obstructions

When evaluating a patient for orthodontic treatment, we can often identify an airway obstruction issue that contributes to their problems. Our treatments can be used to increase the width of the upper jaw and, because one’s upper jaw is connected to the nasal cavity, treating that upper jaw’s width problem can often decrease resistance to nasal airflow. Many times, we also consider the horizontal relationships between the upper and lower jaws because rendering treatments that bring jaws forward can help to promote a bigger airway.

When it comes to the youngest patients who come into our office, we feel as though our best approaches to their treatments are all conservative, and we try to protect the airway rather than restrict it. On adult patients, however, it’s much harder to make those types of corrections. If an adult patient has problems with sleep apnea, some orthodontics may help them, but additional measures may be necessary to treat their problem. Many of these patients could benefit from a surgical intervention that brings their jaws forward, further opening their airway.

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In the future, orthodontists may be asked to do these types of things more and more frequently. Sleep apnea, or airway obstructions, or breathing problems while sleeping is a rampant problem in the United States these days, and it’s become a billion-dollar industry. Moving forward as a profession, orthodontists should be more concerned with making sure we’re not contributing to those problems.

If you need want dentistry that is experienced in helping sleep apnea, please call our Buffalo dentist office today to schedule a free consultation.

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