2 Common Questions About Braces

2 Common Questions About Braces Orthodontists of WNY

Getting braces may be a daunting time for your child. They may be scared about how much it will hurt or worried that they’ll have to give up activities. It may be relieving to know that most any activity can be continued once your child gets braces. Here are answers for two common questions about braces.

Do Braces Hurt?

Patients may be a little fearful and wonder, “Do braces hurt?” Interestingly, the fact is that braces are not painful. The forces braces apply to the teeth, however, may actually cause discomfort.

There is usually no pain associated with the placement of braces. When wires are placed onto those braces and begin to move the teeth, those wires can ultimately cause discomfort; however, that doesn’t usually happen immediately. It usually occurs the following day – and dissipates soon thereafter.

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In the past, patients who had braces put on would suffer discomfort for weeks on end but, today, a patient who initiates orthodontics usually experiences some discomfort on the second and third days after the braces are put on and, beyond that point, their teeth will not be sore at all.

It is important to monitor this in treatment because, if pain persists beyond the first few days, it may be caused by something the orthodontist should address, such as ineffective rubber band wear or wires that may not be doing just what the orthodontist were designed to do. Persistent pain in orthodontics is not a good sign.

Do Braces Interfere with Sports?

Concerned patients ask, “If I go into orthodontics, will I still be able to play my sports?” And I assure them that I have had patients play every contact sport imaginable, with any appliance that we construct in this office.

Also, the mouthpieces required by some sports can be adapted to fit around any orthodontic appliance we construct, so we feel confident that sports will not interfere with the timing of orthodontics, nor do they adversely affect the decision as to whether or not a patient should have orthodontics.

In our minds, orthodontics is not a barrier to sports, nor is participation in sports a barrier to orthodontics.

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